Week 15-16

Hello there,

Two great weeks for me. First a tournament win in Malmö and then starting to play outdoor which feels awesome. I also starting ton gain more weight and is now up to 78kg again. Also good. I have practiced with Emil Svensson and Karl-Fredrik Söderberg besides the group training. It have been up and downs when we started outdoor which is normal in the beginning.

Malmö 10’000 SEK

1st round
Valdemar Holm (102) — 6-1, 6-4
Simon Wibler (240) — 6-4, 6-1
Christian Samuelsson (30) — 4-6, 6-2, 7-5
Niklas Johansson (20) — W.O

malmö2– Obviously great tournament. First tour win of the year. Unfortunately no final match against Niklas Johansson. My body was a bit exhausted so it would have been tough. Very heavy match against Samuelsson. I played good throughout the match and was happy with the performance overall. Especially the mentality was good. I stayed focused the whole match which I think was key.

Upcoming tournament is next weekend in Sandared 15’000 SEK Vintertour.


Week 14

Hello followers,

Great week. Good training with Emil Svensson, Karl-Fredrik Söderberg, Andreas Lindgren and the A team before heading to Säffle and competing in the 2’750 SEK exhibition tournament. The physique felt good during the week and I was ready for some matches.

Säffle 2’750 SEK

Group Stage
Petter Cahp (+500) — 6-2, 6-0
Jonathan Backman (+500) — 6-4, 6-0
Emil Svensson (106) — 6-2, 4-6, 10-7
Karl-Fredrik Söderberg (133) — 6-3, 2-6, 11-9

– Great tournament. I was in trouble both in the semifinal and final. In the semifinal it felt like I was in control until Svensson broke serve at 4-5. I was lucky to come through there. In the final Karl-Fredrik played better and deserved the win. I saved four matchpoints and was pleased with the performance overall.

I will make a analysis about the tournament in Malmö during the weekend.

Thanks for following.

Week 13

Hi followers,

Great week! Practice with Emil Svensson, Christian Sjögren and Simon Käll besides the group training.
It was time to test my max strength in benchpress, squats and deadlift. Record in all of them. From 85kg to 87,5kg in benchpress, 100g to 105kg in squats and 115kg to 120kg in deadlift. It was better then expected from that month.

I will play 2’750 SEK tournament in Säffle this weekend. Great initiative from headcoach Fabian Nuñes Seixa for making this tournament available.

Week 12

Hello followers,

Maybe the greatest practice week so far this year. Improvement from monday to sunday. Tennis with Christian Sjögren, Dominic Dobra, Mats Johnson, Johan Christenson, Emil Svensson, Jan Henriksson, Petter Dahlin and Karl-Fredrik Söderberg. Alot of variety this week because of an event in my current training location. So all training was made in Hammarö and Rackethallen. A bit expensive because Karlstads TK sponsors me with free courts when I play in Karlstad and Racketcenter. Great support from my homeclub I must say.
The physical status improving through the week and I feel that I have now reached the level I had before I was sick. Actually the stamina is at a higher level.

Next week will I play a practice tournament with 2’750 SEK in prize money in Säffle.

Have a nice week!
J. Stenberg

Week 11

Greetings followers,

This week have been all about resting and recovering. I’m now fully recovered and ready to start my fist practice in 2 weeks today. It will be with great friend Karl-Fredrik Söderberg and I’m sure it will be a good challenge.

Next week will include the first week of tough practice and will try to get ready for upcoming tournaments next month.

I also want to introduce a sponsor of mine, Humanik AB. The logo is also a link for the homepage of Humanik AB. Without sponsors like this my travel for tournemants would be alot tougher if not impossible.


Week 7-10


Weeks of building and many training hours. I was going to play Falun in week 10, but an illness put stop that hope. We can instead congratulate Jacob Adaktusson who won that title.

I’m planing to be back on court later this week. I had to rest for now almost 2 weeks from this sickness and I’m still not fully recovered. I have done some planing with great friend Johan Claesson and we are ready for some extra trips this summer. It could be Spain and Future tennis.

I have also done my test of strength and I’m long away from the results I want to have, but now I have done it and it’s just to move from here. I will try to update the progress nce every month. Look at Goals of the year to see the results.

My next tournament will be either a friendly tournament in Säffle with good players for training or Malmö for a Vintertour.

I will try to keep up with more often posts. Hopefully every weekend.

Week 6

Hi followers,

Training week. Body feels good and I’m really enjoying the gym time at the moment. Expecting some good result in the physical section this year.
I have also updated the other pages on this site. Goals. Both tennis ranking and physical goals.
Besides the physical I have also done some great tennis practice with Emil Svensson. I want to mention a great double session with Petter Dahlin, Johan Christenson and Per Nylin.

Next week will include more building and tennis. I might also do some mental training with one of my sponsors Humanik AB.

See you around!