Week 7-10


Weeks of building and many training hours. I was going to play Falun in week 10, but an illness put stop that hope. We can instead congratulate Jacob Adaktusson who won that title.

I’m planing to be back on court later this week. I had to rest for now almost 2 weeks from this sickness and I’m still not fully recovered. I have done some planing with great friend Johan Claesson and we are ready for some extra trips this summer. It could be Spain and Future tennis.

I have also done my test of strength and I’m long away from the results I want to have, but now I have done it and it’s just to move from here. I will try to update the progress nce every month. Look at Goals of the year to see the results.

My next tournament will be either a friendly tournament in Säffle with good players for training or Malmö for a Vintertour.

I will try to keep up with more often posts. Hopefully every weekend.



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