Week 36

Hello followers,

The summer tour is over with overall mixed results. I tried hard to close the gap to the stronger players in the Swedish summer prize money tour, but it was tough! I need to practice more and get my physique better!
Because of covid-19 I have set some new goals for this year! There won’t be any futures that I’ll play and insted focus on Swedish winter prize money tour and Elitserien, swedens highest division where my club Tabergsdalens TK plays!

It will be a few weeks of build up and hard training before new matches! I will also try to find some new partnerships!

Thanks a lot to Eminent Sports and Racketdoktorn Babolat for helping me during this year so far!

Jonathan Hemsida        9391596437534_Babolat_color1_500x300_png


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