Hello followers! New year and new opportunities,

Good first week after christmas, which I spend in Karlstad. Not so much training there, but it was a time for resting and delighted reunions!
The first 7 days in Jönköping after christmas have been fun ones! A lot of training, work and more training! Practice with Jakob Arvidsson-Ehn, Klara Milicevic, Vilhelm Fridell and also 6 hours of sparring with other players in the club! Just today I showed very good results in my stamina training, better then last year in fact! Loss of weight could also be a factor! Otherwise improvement needs to be done in strength, speed and flexibility!

I have updated my goals of the year! Of course it is affected by these crazy times, but one goal I have had since I took my first ATP point was to be top 1000, which I think I have a chance to do!

My ITF rating is 1919, swedish ranking is 35 at the moment and my swedish tennis rating is 2,6 !
It all depends on the tour opening up, I can still improve my swedish rating during the year, but it dosen’t mean much, though.

I want to thank the sponsors of this year! Eminent Sport for providing me with outstanding sport diet supplements and Babolat for their incomparable tennis stuff contribution!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
99 Revolutions (LIVE) -Green Day

Next Tournament:
Tabergsdalen 10.000 SEK Vintertour in two weeks!


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