Week 3


Tough week for my tennis! My foot injury was a bit worse then expected! Only 1 hour of tennis with Joel Nyqvist this week! The ballstrike was pretty good actually, but very restricted movement ability! So my focus have been on rehabilitation and the physical training that I was able to do! So no tournament in Jönköping or Malmö and probably not even in Norrköping the upcoming week! The rehabilitation goes alright and progress is made every day even if it’s not by much!
I can’t wait to able to practice 100% both at the tennis court and in the gym!

..:: Swedish Rating ::..
2,7503 (-0,1967)

In the gym yesterday night

– Focus is key and trying to do the best of the situation! I have bought some foot insoles that might help a little in the recovery progress!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
Sia – Chandelier

Next Tournament:
Borås 20.000 SEK Vintertour next week!


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