Week 4


New week and another week with mostly focus on my physical training! I had a good 1 hour session with Edvin Sköld today, sunday. But other then that, no tennis. My new shoe insoles works pretty good and I feel it’s much easier to walk with them, so I will keep them on for the time being! I have switched up my stamina training and have done cycling instead of running! A lot tougher for the front thighs, but a bit difficult to find the right rhytm. Probably because of my inexperience..!
The foot feels better and better and hopefully increased tennis the upcoming days and maybe a tournament next week! Let’s go!

Practice with good friend and current Sweden #8 in wheelchair tennis Eric Löf !
Photo: Stina Johannesson

– If I can continue to recover and without stress increase some tennis hours I might just be able to play this upcoming tournament! My physical training have been really good this week!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
Green Day – Boulevard of Broke Dreams

Next Tournament:
Borås 20.000 SEK Vintertour upcoming week!


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