Week 10-11


Two weeks of great progress with one tournament in the city of Falun! A lot of practice with Jakob Arvidsson-Ehn beside the on going group training where I practice twice a week! Men and Jakob had some practices with focus on volley and net play in general and of course a lot of precision training and matchplay!
Improvement in the physical area aswell, better stamina and my body overall is better! Still trying to rehabilitate my shoulder while continuing with my scheadule!

FALUN 15.000 SEK Vintertour

R1 – Axel Bergdahl (SWE) (-) – 6-3, 6-2
QF – Kenzo Koistila-Larsson (SWE) (-) – 6-3, 6-3
SF – Linus Carlsson-Halldin (SWE) (-) – 3-6, 2-6

..:: Swedish Rating ::..
2,70 (+0,01)

Semifinal in Falun 15.000 SEK Vintertour

  • A good tournament with solid performance in the first two matches! Good warm up session with Linus Carlsson-Halldin in the morning aswell! Then a fine warm up with Elmer Möller from Denmark the next day! In the semifinal against Linus Carlsson-Halldin I think we both played better then earlier in Lund! Despite a pretty good serving I still need to rehab my shoulder and serve even better against a player like Linus! He returned good as usuall and I need to find more aggresive returns with a higher percentage! Also a more aggresive play from the baseline! I think I focused to much on defense and let him played his game too much!
    Back to work!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
Clarity – Zedd, Foxes

Next Tournament:
Malmö 10.000 SEK Vintertour next week!


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