Week 20


Intense week with both a summertour and a league match! I’ve had some minor problems with my right foot this week and it resulted in not so many practice hours between the summertour and the league match. Nothing muscular and after the matches in the League on this sunday it feels better! I did do a 2 hour practice with college player Hugo Nossler indoor and also one hour group training! It also limited my physical training a bit during the week, but as I said it’s alright now!

Växjö 10.000 SEK Summertour

R1 – Tom Popov (SWE) (-) – 6-2, 6-1 
QF – Emil Hultman (SWE) (-) – 6-2, 6-4
SF – Robin Thour (SWE) (1808) – 6-3, 6-1
F – Adam Heinonen (SWE) (1560) – 4-6, 7-6(7), 0-6


TaTK – Söndrums TK – 2-2

Valdemar Frederik-Pape (DEN) (-) – 6-1, 2-6, 0-1(5)

Doubles w Hugo Nossler (SWE) (-)
Valdemar Frederik-Pape (SWE) (-) / André Meinertz (DEN) (-) – 2-6, 3-6

..:: Swedish Rating ::..
2,29 (-0,4)

– Intense week with final against good player Adam Heinonen and a fun league match with great friends Löf, Hugo, Alex and next gen Edin!

  • Small glimpse of a good level! It was up and down this week! I played my best clay court match this year in the semi final in Växjö against Thour, then a not so good much later against Heinonen..! My thinking about that match is that Adam made me play a lot of backhand and it was not really working that match! I need to play it more offensive and also my mentally part did not work. It also was frustrating with my small foot injury! But to see some small glimpse of a better level is great!
    Then I had some days of to recover my foot and I felt that in the league game on this sunday. I had some highlights during the match, but overall I was lacking power and consistency..! In the doubles it was a lot that didn’t work. Serve, return of serve did not connect at all and also my volley and positioning was not good. Me and Hugo haven’t played before so we will improve! I also need to get into a higher energy level during the doubles so I can poach better!
    Let’s get to work next week! A lot to improve!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

Next Tournament:
Torshälla 20.000 SEK summertour on hardcourt upcoming week!


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