Week 21

Hello there,

Good week with a lot of work, practice and a tournament with a different set up! I did some training wth Henrik Malm and Alexandra Viktorovitch beside the group sessions! The physique have been some what improved even though my stamina still needs a lot of improvement! I also reached world ranking of 1816 this week with my 1 ATP point which is a bit fun!

Eskilstuna 20.000 SEK Summertour

Group Stage R1 – Nicolai Zachrisson (SWE) (-) – 6-3, 6-2
Group Stage R2 – Anton Stendahl (SWE) (-) – 7-6(4), 6-1
Group Stage R3 – Ross Weibull (SWE) (-) – 6-2, 6-0
F – Jack Karlsson-Wistrand (SWE) (-) – 2-6, 6-7(2)

..:: Swedish Rating ::..
2,30 (-0,01)

Awesome to play some matches outdoor on hardcourt!

  • First of all!. Great organized tournament! A round robin format with a guarantee of 3 matches for each player is just impressive! The final had 1 umpire, 2 line judges, livestream, commentator and a speaker! Very well done!
  • To my game. I didn’t find my game during this tournament with some highlight serving indoor against Anton Stendahl! In the loss against Karlsson-Wistrand I couldn’t find an offensive way of playing with some super slow hard court outdoor! I need to improve my offensive game and try to find better selection of shots to make my points! Also my stamina was a bit of a problem during some of the longer rallies! Back home and improve!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

Next Tournament:
Lund 10.000 SEK summertour this week!


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