Week 22


Interesting week with summertour in Lund beside some training and quite a lot of work! I did have some practice with Hugo Nossler, Alexandra Viktorovitch, Edvin Sköld, Henrik Wallensten and Per Åström beside of the group sessions! We did also start up qualification in our own summertour so there was quite a lot of coaching later on the weekend! The physical training was alright, but I need to put in more time, especially with the stamina training!

Lund 10.000 SEK Summertour

R1 – Hugo Nossler (SWE) (-) – 6-0, 6-1
QF – Sebastian Abboud (SWE) (-) – 6-2, 6-3
SF – Saba Nanobashvili (SWE) (-) – 6-4, 4-6, 6-3
F – John Hallquist-Lithén (SWE) (-) – 3-6, 1-6

..:: Swedish Rating ::..
2,30 (+/-0)

Lean back backhand in Växjö – unhealthy and too common..!

  • Really tough, but great practice in Lund! In the final against John Hallquist-Lithén it was especially tough! He´s a lefty player with good spin and power in his forehand! I usually have big problems with his style of play! He can reach a weakness in high backhands from my side! One positive thing from the match is that I really tried to play a game to win! Unfortunately I could not execute it at all really..! I need to improve my backhand side so I can keep pace and control! I also need to really find more power in my forehand so I can make more points from that side! Back home and train!

..:: Music Video Of The Week ::.
Green Day – See The Light (No music video, I found a live session)

Next Tournament:
Tabergsdalen 10.000 SEK summertour this week!


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